Saturday, September 26, 2009

Megan Fox said : ‘I’m Afraid of The Dark’

American actress Megan Fox is afraid of the dark.
The Transformers star Megan Fox, says she freaks out if the lights aren’t left on.

“I’ve been afraid of the dark all my life,” Fox told chat show host Jimmy Fallon. “I leave the lights on all the time and if the light is off, I have to run across the room to get to the switch. I can’t walk through a dark room. I’m afraid of what I can’t see.”
Megan also revealed she keeps a cup of water beside her when she’s reading to overcome her bizarre hatred of paper.

“Some people don’t like nails across a chalkboard because it gives them goosebumps,” she added.

“I don’t like dry paper. Scripts, newspapers or anything that’s not laminated, I have to keep licking my fingers.

“If I’m reading I have a cup of water to dip my fingers in. I’m really neurotic.”

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