Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cute Weird Bra Pics Photos

The main function of Bra (BH-Breast Holder) is to protect and cover the breasts of women, but the basic wes mad world, the people who are creative are always throwing a tantrum to get attention, al-results be different bra so strange like this.

Bra sometimes may be looks cute, sometimes looks sexy. But we seldom looks bra in a weird style.

Bra nowadays is turning into a fashion and style for ladies. Turning fast from its main function as we can learn from bra history. Now its Not only to hold and protect the breast, but also to attract man and looks confident.

Underwear or Bra can be made as weird as this photos :

pig bra
Pig Bra

baby bra
Baby Bra

orange bra
Orange Bra

goldfish bra
Goldfish Bra

pointer bra
Pointer Bra

monkey biz bra
Monkey Biz Bra

hands bra
Hands Bra

shark bra
Shark Bra

baseball glove bra
Baseball Glove Bra

tea pot bra
Tea Pot Bra

peeps bra
Peeps Bra

light bra
Light Bra

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