Sunday, September 13, 2009

Make Love With Ashley Judd

Make Love With Ashley JuddMake Love With Ashley Judd (Prediction: Not going to happen). Well, for starters, she'd have a say in this too, wouldn't she? And why would she want to have anything to do with some hack writer schnook from the Midwest. I'm also married. I'm not just married, I'm happily married. I'm so happily married that if Ashley Judd called me and said, "Let's do it, honey" (even if she called me honey), I'd run to my wife crying and say, "We need to get a lawyer. Some random celebrity is invading my personal space!"

Obviously, this has some fantasy level to it. Why else would I even mention it except that A) I recently noted Ms. Judd's birthday, and B) I recently breezed by that "Friends" episode wherein Ross had a laminated "To Do" list (the concept: Boyfriend/Girlfriend each has their own list of 5 celebs they could sleep with on the condition that 1) The celeb wants to 2) They ever even meet that celeb). I remember it was funny because Ross took it so seriously, and a fight ensued over the fact he had his list laminated.

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